SAGA offers year round adventures whether you are interested in dog sledding in the heart of mushing country, a guided snowmobile tour, visiting a working dog kennel, an extended adventure on the famed Iditarod trail, or a custom package.







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:: Onward Snowhook! fundraising events


Snowhook Kennel has put the hammer down on preparing for our 2015 / 2016 race season, and so have our supporters.  Snowhook Kennel along with a group of dedicated Snowhook friends and fans---some of the loudest voices in Snowhook’s cheering section---have created several fund raising activities. 


In addition to general sponsorship, these fund raising events and efforts are a fun way to join Snowhook Kennel and support AJ’s race.


Funds raised help us with owning, operating and racing expenses including dog care, dog food, race entrance fees, and equipment.




Onward Snowhook!

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